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Draught-proofing timber sash and case windows in Scotland is a practical and energy-efficient solution that can significantly enhance the comfort of a home while reducing energy consumption. Scotland’s climate, characterised by cool temperatures and occasional harsh weather conditions, makes it imperative for homeowners to address draughts to maintain a warm and cozy indoor environment.

Timber sash and case windows, common in traditional Scottish architecture, can be a source of heat loss if not adequately sealed. Fitting draught-proofing measures involves identifying and sealing gaps and cracks around the windows to prevent cold air from entering and warm air from escaping.

One effective method is to install weatherstripping along the window sashes and frames. This could be in the form of self-adhesive strips or brush seals that create a tight seal when the window is closed. Additionally, applying silicone or caulk to seal any gaps between the window frame and the wall can further enhance the insulation.

For older windows with more significant gaps, it may be necessary to consider secondary glazing. This involves adding a second layer of glazing to the existing window, creating an additional barrier against draughts and improving thermal efficiency.

When fitting draught-proofing to timber sash and case windows, it’s crucial to choose materials that are suitable for the local climate and won’t adversely affect the aesthetics of the windows. In Scotland, where historical preservation is often a consideration, homeowners may opt for discreet and traditional solutions to maintain the charm of their heritage windows.

Ultimately, investing in draught-proofing measures for timber sash and case windows in Scotland not only contributes to energy efficiency and lower utility bills but also ensures a more comfortable living environment, especially during the colder months.

Where very draughty sash and case windows affect comfort and energy efficiency, draught proofing is a cheap and discreet solution. Several proprietary systems are available, some of which also make the window easier to slide up and down. Draught proofing is a cost-effective way to:

  • reduce heat loss
  • reduce dust ingress
  • reduce noise from outside
  • improve comfort

Draught-stripping can be fitted cheaply and unobtrusively to timber sash and case windows to bring them up to modern performance standards. Where the building is listed, further advice should be obtained from your Local Authority Planning Department as to the suitability of the draught-stripping proposals for historic windows.

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