Sash and Case Window Secondary Double Glazing

Sash and Case Window Secondary Double Glazing Stirling

Adding secondary glazing can help to make sash and case windows more energy efficient in appropriate circumstances.

Secondary glazing can be fitted internally using either:

  • side hung glazing
  • horizontally sliding windows
  • vertically sliding windows

Secondary glazing benefits include:

  • reduced heat loss
  • reduced dust ingress
  • very good sound proofing

Where the building is listed, this alteration would require consent from your planning authority.

Secondary double glazing solutions for sash and case windows in Scotland offer a practical and effective means of improving thermal efficiency and comfort in homes, particularly in older properties where preserving the original windows is a priority. Scotland’s climate, marked by chilly temperatures and windy conditions, underscores the importance of addressing heat loss through windows, and secondary double glazing serves as a viable solution.

Secondary double glazing involves adding an additional layer of glazing to existing windows, creating a gap between the original window and the secondary glazing. This gap acts as an insulating barrier, reducing heat transfer and minimizing draughts. For sash and case windows, which are prevalent in Scottish architecture, this method is particularly valuable as it allows homeowners to enhance energy efficiency without compromising the historic or aesthetic appeal of their windows.

One popular secondary double glazing option for sash and case windows is the installation of discreet, slimline aluminum or uPVC frames fitted with low-emissivity glass. Low-emissivity glass helps to reflect heat back into the room while allowing natural light to penetrate, maintaining the visual clarity of the windows.

The benefits of secondary double glazing extend beyond improved insulation. It also aids in reducing noise pollution, making homes in busy urban areas or near transportation hubs more serene. Additionally, the added layer of glazing provides an extra level of security, reinforcing the windows against potential intruders.

When considering secondary double glazing solutions for sash and case windows in Scotland, homeowners should consult with professionals to ensure that the chosen materials and installation methods align with the specific requirements of the property and comply with any historic preservation guidelines. Overall, secondary double glazing is a valuable investment that enhances both energy efficiency and the overall livability of homes in Scotland.

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