Re-Cording Sash and Case Windows

Cotton sash cords and braids will become worn over time and require renewal. This is best done before the cord breaks. The majority of window sashes are counterweighted so that they can be operated easily. Sashes are hung on cords which pass over pulleys and connect to weights concealed within the weight boxes in the hollow sides of the case. These cords require replacement when worn or broken.

Re-Cording Sash and Case Windows

In larger heavier windows, chains were often used instead of cords and should be retained and refurbished as necessary. Cord replacement requires the sashes to be removed from the frame and is a two person job best carried out by joiners as follows:

  • One of the inner baton rods is removed. This will be secured by secret nailing, screws or with turnbuckles or other easy-to-use fittings if Simplex hinges are fitted.
  • If the cord for the top sash is being replaced, the parting bead on the same side as the removed baton rod is also prised out to allow the sash to be released.
  • Cords are detached from the side of the sash using a tack lifter and the sash is set aside. Beforehand, temporary support must be provided to avoid either the sash dropping or the cord and the concealed weight to which it is attached dropping within the case which could cause damage.
  • The weight box ‘pocket piece’ cover adjacent to the damaged rope is removed to give access for retrieving the sash weight from the bottom of the case and to allow clearing out of any accumulated debris from inside the weight box.
  • The new sash cord must be of the same diameter as the old to avoid snagging on the pulley. Cotton cord is normally supplied pre-stretched and impregnated with wax to reduce the risk of rot and to allow it to run smoothly. Braided cord is preferable to twisted as it is more durable.
  • A generously over-length section of the new sash cord is threaded over the pulley and down into the weight box until it is visible at the bottom and is tied to the existing weight.
  • The length of the sash cord hanging over the pulley is adjusted so that the sash weight hangs 75 – 100mm clear of the bottom of the weight box when the sash to which it is connected is fully raised. This clearance reduces knocking noises during operation and also allows for any stretching that may occur during the life of the cord.
  • The sash is temporarily supported close to the window opening and the new cord is pulled down slack, set into the groove in the side of the sash, and gently nailed into position using large blued tacks.
  • Once both sash cords are attached, the sash is manoeuvred into position and checked for satisfactory operation prior to refixing the parting bead and baton rod back in position.

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