Common Problems

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Sash and case windows require regular maintenance and repairs to aid their smooth running and avoid problems like timber decay, broken sash cords and lost putty or mastic.

Timber decay

Where paint breaks down, the timber parts are directly exposed to the weather and become vulnerable to decay. See more on repairing or restoring sash and case window shutters.

Rot is often localised, however, and in most cases is simple to repair. Tackling the problem early will minimise how much material must be replaced. Repainting is also essential to better protect the window.

The windowsill is usually the area most prone to decay. A musty smell inside the weight box signals the presence of damp and the potential for timber decay.

Find out about painting sash windows.

Poor operation

Windows may not open or close properly for a number of reasons:

  • windows may become painted shut
  • broken sash cords prevent sash weights counterbalancing the sashes
  • wearing of the sides of the sashes or cases – caused by operating the window with only one side properly balanced

Broken or worn sash cords

Sash cords may break or wear out over time. The attached counterweights will fall to the bottom of the case if the cords snap, making it difficult to open the window. See more on re-cording sash and case windows.

Loss or decay of putty and mastic

Putty used to hold the glass in place will become hard and crack when paint fails on the sashes. Water may seep in and decay the timbers if the putty isn’t replaced and repainted. Traditional linseed oil putty should be used for repairs.

Sand mastic has been traditionally used to fill the gap between the case and surrounding stonework. Over time this will also dry out, harden and drop out, and will need to be replaced every so often. Mastic shouldn’t be painted.

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